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Project work plan
As the initial task of the project, the LALORC steering committee requested expanded project information from each of the participating research centers. This information was used to schedule the centers to initiate their projects at different times over the course of the first three years of the grant period, in a pattern controlled by the serial availability of funds. Project tasks defined in the project work plan include: identifying and surveying local collections using a centrally-established survey form, selecting for detailed cataloging, collecting existing metadata and capturing new data; identify matrial to be digitized for web presentation, and prepare the digital objects for public dissemination.

Not all individual center projects will involve all steps of this process, but even so the bulk of the first few years of the grant period will be devoted to collecting and processing information for eventual public dissemination.

The strength of the American Overseas Research Projects collaborating in this project lies in their global distribution, their access to local sources, and their cooperation with the Council of American Overseas Research Centers Digital Library for International Research infrastructure. Neither the centers nor CAORC and DLIR have the staff to devise and implement technical solutions, and for this the project must resort to outside aid. For example, getting the survey form and the underlying database live online is a problem for which we are awaiting responses to our RFQ.

Project status
Significant progress toward the project goals is being made, both centrally and at those participating centers that have initiated work as scheduled. In addition to coordinating the work of the centers, centralized project management tasks include designing a comprehensive survey instrument for use by all centers. After consulting several surveys of libraries and archives, a survey form was devised and reviewed by LALORC team members and staff at the Center for Research Libraries (CRL). Implementation of the project may also include mining data from similar surveys. Creation of an online instrument that can be accessed from remote locations is being outsourced.

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